Slight Change

I have moved my so-called blog to a new site....sweetinks.wordpress.com.

I have relocated out of the DMV area to the deep south and will be going in another direction with my desserts. Most of the pics on there now are the same here but once I get settled I will post more pics soon.

YYAAYY me :))


Hummingbird Cake

My favorite cake in the entire cake universe is a moist Hummingbird Cake. I am lucky to have a wonderful aunt share her recipe with me. So when I had a chance I made ita Hummingbird Cake for a client with a simple hand-drawn design.


Scary Beautiful

I have a serious love of tattoo art and wanted to do something unique. Two layer Chocolate Cake covered in Fondant then I hand painted and drew the design on with edible paints and edible markers.



A day with Emeril

On 10/30 I was blessed with an opportunity to work on the set of the Emeril show. He has a new show on the Discovery/Planet Green channel called Emeril Green. What an exciting day it was. My sons and I showed up at the Fairfax Whole Foods store early for our call time and was able to sneak just a few pics. Cameras were not allowed during shooting. Here is one shot of that day.


Brownie Burger Cupcakes

Just a cute after school treat for my little fella. Triple Chocolate Cupcakes are topped with mini burgers....mini Nilla wafers that I stuffed with cut brownies, colored fondant and colored lettuce. I used a store bought gel frosting for the ketchup. He loved them


Sweet Georgia Peach Schnapps Poundcake

I found some beautiful peaches at the local farmers market and had to find something to do with them beyond a cobbler. Strangely I was given a bottle of Peach Schapps by a friend recently and I began hammering out a recipe for a Peach Poundcake using the Peach Schnapps and ended up with this delicious beast :) The Poundcake is loaded with fresh chopped Peaches and then soaked overnight in Peach Schnapps.....2 Yummy!!

**I said strangely about the Schnapps becuz most ppl know I am a loyal Tequila sipper only.


Bohemian Birthday Cake

I created a funky Boho cake for a birthday. Bottom layer is a double 8" layer of Hummingbird Cake covered with a Cream Cheese frosting, topped with a 6" Chocolate Chocolate chip cake covered in a handpainted Leopard fondant design. I handpainted the "Hippie Chick" on fondant with edible markers and paint.


Triple Threat

Triple Candy Cake
This is a Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cake with an Oreo Buttercream - has a layer of crushed Oreos btwn the cakes - is then surrounded by Oreo cigars and finally topped with M&Ms